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The advancement of applied cannabinoid science...

At Entourage Hemp we've focused on perfecting the delivery systems that people like the most and work the best. We've directed our energy to broadening our understanding of the plant, and we've doubled-down on quality, potency, and transparency. It all started with a simple plan back in 2013: make clean and potent CBD products and sell them at a good price. That same philosophy still guides what we do today.

Entourage Hemp: Indulgence for the Senses and Contentment for the Soul



Our very popular Soothing Salve and Healing Balm are both available again, this time with much higher potency (500mg CBD) and a larger size (28g). Featuring the same organic base ingredients, these industry-leading topical formulations provide immediate relief to the areas of the body that need it the most.

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Surging demand for better sleep has given rise to our latest product: Entourage Hemp™ Deep Sleep Microcaps. This proprietary formula features 20mg of cannabinol (CBN - the sleep cannabinoid) buffered with 20mg of CBD and 4mg of CBDV. These are the strongest CBN softgels available in the market and to make things easy, we put them in our small 0.25ml microcap format.


Deep Sleep Microcaps contain no THC and are available in 10-ct pharmaceutical blister packs: 10, 30 and 60 to a box.

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Entourage softgels deliver a measured, unit dose of CBD and other phytocannabinoids in a convenient, clean format. They are perfect for daily use, and a fixture in any health and wellness regimen. Each Entourage Hemp™ full-spectrum softgel contains 15mg of total cannabinoids and dozens of other naturally-occurring, vital compounds from the plant. A perfect blend of CBD and minor cannabinoids make up each softgel, carried in beautiful, cold-pressed, organic hemp seed oil.


Available in a 60-ct bottle.

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In the tradition of directed innovation, Entourage Hemp presents 50mg WholeFlower Microcaps: highly-potent, but impossibly small CBD softgels. At just 0.25ml, the microcaps are the size of a pea but deliver a whopping 50+mg of full-spectrum CBD each. Like our leading WholeFlower tinctures, microcaps contain a balanced blend of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, all delivered on the finest organic hemp seed oil. Perfect for customers that need a bit more CBD potency in their daily regimen.

Available in convenient pharmaceutical blister packs. 30 and 60-ct boxes.

WholeFlower Microcaps 50mg.jpg


Entourage Hemp WholeFlower CBD tinctures are without exception the highest potency tinctures available in the market. Whereas most sublingual tinctures top out at just 3.33% (1,000mg in 30ml bottle) our WholeFlower tinctures go to 25% potency. That means that a full 25% of the volume of the bottle is comprised of active phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and others.

WholeFlower tinctures are designed for customers dealing with the most stubborn chronic and acute conditions. Because the oil is administered sublingually, it does tend to act faster, making it perfect for immediate impact and rescue.

Available in a 4.16ml dropper vial or 10ml dropper bottle.

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The WholeFlower Principle

Compounds most supportive of human health and wellness come from the trichomes, seeds, and tissues found in the hemp flower, as shown in the adjacent diagram.


The WholeFlower Principle at Entourage Hemp is a guiding philosophy for all of our product development, whereby we endeavor to maximize the use of these compounds in our products. Stated simply, we use the WHOLE FLOWER in our products rather than isolated or synthesized individual components. This results in better product performance and cleaner, more natural effects.


At Entourage Hemp™ our products that are rigorously tested, precisely manufactured, convenient to use, and fairly priced. We work with academic research hospitals, board-certified physicians, and caregivers to optimize product design and delivery. As pioneers in 50-state legal cannabinoid products we set an early standard for many of the industry practices that are now expected: ISO-based manufacturing controls and quality systems; 3rd-party analytical testing; post-market surveillance and product traceability; reliable delivery systems, unit-dosing and compliant packaging. We have active research and development platforms in cannabis therapeutics, food, fiber, and materials science through our holding company, Cannoid, LLC. We also do custom formulation and product development for leading manufacturers and researchers.

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