The Entourage Hemp™ product line includes tinctures, softgels, and topicals.


Our WholeFlower sublingual tinctures are extremely high-potency, and are designed to address chronic and rescue conditions. Derived from full-spectrum extract and mixed in organic hempseed oil, Entourage Hemp™ tinctures feature up to 100mg of total cannabinoids per 0.5ml micro-dropper (7mg per drop), and have the highest cannabidiol (CBD) potency in the industry. In fact, our 25% formulation is 8 times stronger than our industry-leading softgels, and 6 times more potent than any other CBD tincture.


The softgels are full-spectrum (contain multiple cannabinoids) and provide extended daily relief in a simple and convenient format. They are made from cold-pressed organic hempseed oil and potent cannabinoid extract. Entourage softgels are a great source of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids, as well as essential fatty acids. Our standard softgel contains 15mg of hemp-derived CBD in a rich blend of minor phytocannabinoids. Our WholeFlower Microcaps contain 50mg of CBD per gelcap with a blend of other complementary phytocannabinoids, and our new Deep Sleep CBN Microcaps contain a whopping 20mg of cannabinol (the sleep cannabinoid) per gelcap to go with 20mg of CBD and 4mg of CBDV.

The topicals are comprised of our Soothing Salve (for painful muscles and joints) and our Healing Balm (for rejuvenating skin).