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Cannoid, LLC (the parent company of Entourage Hemp) is a Colorado-based corporation specializing in hemp-based consumer and industrial products. Cannoid operates a state-of-the-art analytical and formulation laboratory in Denver, CO. We provide a range of standard-grade, hemp-based raw materials and consultative support to other academic and pharmaceutical researchers. We also manufacture and distribute consumer products under the Entourage Hemp™ trade name. 


We operate with some core business philosophies:

  • Hemp products need not be expensive. 

  • Hemp products need not be contaminated.

  • Hemp products should be tested for potency and accurately labeled.

  • Sick children are not marketing props.

  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid products are not drugs and never will be.

  • The laws for the manufacture and distribution of hemp products are clear and need not be contravened.

  • Hemp consumers have a right to privacy and should be spared from commercial exploitation.

  • The cannabis plant should be respected.

  • The plant makes the rules.

We lay claim to many industry firsts:


  • First to import and distribute bulk CBD oil under a cGMP/FDA registration.

  • First to sell CBD in unit-dose packaging (Entourage Stickpacks).

  • First CBD products manufacturer with seed to shelf traceability.

  • First to include certified batch testing results with every product.

  • First to market CBD e-liquid guaranteed free of THC.

  • First to create e-liquids (CBD or otherwise) flavored exclusively with botanical terpenoids.

  • First to initiate pharmacokinetic studies with CBD in non-isolate form.

  • First to develop an analytical standard (HPLC and GC/MS) for testing VG and PG-based cannabinoid products.

  • First to put ultra high-potency tinctures into the consumer market (24%).



Phone: 303.731.5346

1870 W. 64th Lane

Denver, CO  80221




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