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Entourage Hemp has a long history of helping military veterans and their families cope with anxiety and chronic pain. Since 2014 we have offered outreach programs to veterans to get them the products they need free of charge or at greatly reduced prices. In fact, many of our early research and development efforts were targeted at understanding how CBD and other cannabinoids work on the brain, particularly in regulating the effects from trauma.

The Entourage Hemp MILITARY program is the culmination of over 6 years working directly with veterans and first responders to address symptoms related to PTSD. It includes the following components:

  • Directed outreach through our military veteran partners to get cannabinoid products to folks that need them.

  • Reduced rates and generous coupon codes for military veterans and their families.

  • Development of products that are tailored to the needs of veterans and retired first responders.

  • Continued investment in clinical research for PTSD, neurological diseases, and chronic pain.

  • Sponsorships and charitable outreach through the sale of Entourage Hemp products.

  • Distribution of bulk and "white label" CBD products to other military veteran groups at reduced rates.

To request a military discount code please e-mail us at Please include some basic information in your request: branch and rank when you served, reason for using CBD, etc.

Entourage Hemp offers generous discounts on bulk, packaged CBD products for re-sale in the military veteran channels. To get more information about purchasing bulk CBD products under the MILITARY program please e-mail us at

Please revisit this page for updates on our MILITARY program. Thank you.

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