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WholeFlower Microcaps are an ultra high-potency, full-spectrum, micro-sized gelcap. Coming in at only 0.25ml (the size of a pea) they are half the size of our industry-leading 15mg softgels, but deliver more than 6 times the cannabinoid strength! Perfect for our customers that need 50mg or more cannabinoids per day but prefer the convenience of small gelcap over a sublingual tincture or lower-potency softgel.

WholeFlower Microcaps are shipped in convenient pharmaceutical blister packs: easier to keep track of your daily CBD regimen, and far better for the environment than a bulky plastic bottle. Like other Entourage Hemp products, WholeFlower Microcaps are manufactured in our FDA-registered GMP facility in Denver, using only the finest raw materials available in the market.


Ingredients: Organic hemp seed oil, hemp extract, gelatin, glycerin, purified water.


Recommended Use: Take 1-4 microcaps per serving with water. The oil can also be squeezed from the capsule and used sublingually and/or topically.


Technical Specifications:

50mg CBD per microcap

59mg total cannabinoids per microcap (7 detected cannabinoids) 

Certified organic hemp seed oil carrier.

Highly-active, full-spectrum extracts and distillates made from premium organic hemp flower.

Natural complement of WholeFlower terpenoids and flavonoids.

Rich source of essential fatty acids, including Omega-3, Omega-6, GLA and SDA. 

50mg total cannabinoids per Microcap. 10 Microcaps per blister pack. 3 blister packs per box.

1,500mg total cannabinoids per box. Excellent value at only $0.033/mg.


30-ct WholeFlower Microcaps 50mg per Softgel: 1,500mg Total

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