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Entourage Hemp™ WholeFlower Oil represents the next generation of full-spectrum CBD medicine. The WholeFlower 2500 is a 10ml bottle of our industry-leading 24% tincture. At 2,500mg per 10ml bottle (yes, you read that correctly), the 24% tincture is 8 times more potent than our industry-leading softgels, and 6 times stronger than any other CBD tincture in the industry. Blended into smooth, organic hempseed oil and amended with proprietary cannabis terpenoids, our new tinctures are therapeutically-active, easy to consume, and profoundly strong. At only $0.036/mg, this tincture is also an exceptional value.


A single 0.5ml micro-dropper contains 125mg of total cannabinoids! Simply dispense under the tongue. Not suitable for vaporizers.


Ingredients: raw organic cold-pressed hempseed oil, natural hemp extract, botanically-derived terpenoids.

Entourage Hemp WholeFlower Tincture 2,500mg

SKU: 673
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